The Twins

Kelsey Ray and Alice Mae

In our small town there weren't many twins, so Kelsey Ray and Alice Mae were sort of celebrities.  Since our family had a business there, they had a little more exposure due to customer traffic. 

Mother had somehow acquired a large double baby buggy for them.  Since we lived within walking distance to the stores, church, etc., it was a common site to see her pushing the buggy up and down the street with Alice in one end and Kelsey in the other end which gave them even more exposure.

Though Kelsey Ray was a little larger than Alice Mae was and took up a little more space in the play pen, she was able to hold her own.  She had little fingernails that he learned right away to avoid when he crowded her space.


"Candid Camera" Shot


Another "Candid" Shot

Alice Mae kept those curls all of her life.  Kelsey Ray had a few curls, but after haircuts began, they seemed to disappear.


Alice has begun to catch up with Kelsey in height, but that eventually ended as he soared to more than six feet.


Hanging out at our "department store" with the shoe repair shop in the basement.

Growing up in East Jenkins

.Animal Lovers

They both loved animals, but Kelsey Ray especially loved dogs.

The "Smear"  Story

When they moved to Campbell Street in Detroit, someone stole his dog.  He told me he heard it barking in a near neighbor's garage, and he was dead sure it was "Smear" because he recognized his bark.  I was dubious but agreed to go with him to try to get his dog back.  He climbed the fence and sure enough, it was Smear (I won't go into the story behind the name [grin] ).  Needless to say, both boy and dog were happy to be reunited.

Christmas in Detroit

They were probably eight or nine years old when the family moved to Detroit where they grew up.

Kelsey used to excuse Alice's receiving better grades in school than he did by saying she was "older" - by 15 minutes!  He didn't care about studying as much as she did.  He would much rather go fishing in the Detroit River.


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