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Lillie Mae (Robbins) Adams



I found this poem when I moved to another house in Michigan.  I had overlooked it in Mother's things.


We mutter and sputter;
We fume and we spurt.
We mumble and grumble;
Our feelings get hurt.
We can’t understand things;
Our vision grows dim;
When all we need
Is a moment with HIM.

May God bless and keep all year in the New Year Ahead!

Mother's Prayer

Bless my children, Lord, I pray.
Keep them safe when I am away.
Let not the sun go down today
Until each one has knelt to pray.
Lay all their sins on me, dear Lord,
For I have failed at times to keep your Word.

They are Jewels you gave to me
To give back to you for eternity.
Forgive my failures and let them see
I want them to trust fully in Thee;
For what is life without your care?
It is good know you are always there

And when my life on earth is run
And if I a crown have won,
Please, dear Lord, let them not grieve at all.
Let them know I feel responsible for them all;
And please, please, dear Lord.

                       ......Lillie M. Adams
          Mother of the most wonderful family
            anyone could have!    (Her words)


 Dear Jesus, pilot me

Over life’s raging sea.

 Keep me as I daily roam and sing.

Cover me with your comforting wings.

Help me forget my problems so few

And do what I can to serve you.

You are the only thing on this earth

We can enjoy all our lives from birth.

We are so prone to put you last,

And we go through life just reliving the past.

Help us, Lord, to live just for today.

That is really all we can do anyway.

When we dwell on yesterday’s problems they keep us down,

Then all we can do is wear a big frown.

If we mix them with each day’s unrest,

All we receive is the devil’s best.

Help us look to you, God, who gives us life.

You are with us through troubles, sickness and strife.

Life can be beautiful through winter, spring and fall.

When we get to heaven, we can say it was worth it all.

You are our rock and salvation.

Lord, help us spread your Word to all your creation.


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Sometimes we grumble and complain

If things don’t go our way, or we have a little pain;

But when something comes that is really hard to bear

And we think God is unfair,

We try not to blame Him;

But the waters are so rough and we cannot swim.

Then we realize we need Him.

We climb a little higher and grab hold of a limb.

We realize He has taken our precious loved one to be with Him.

We cannot understand shy

So young a one had to die.

We shed many tears.

Our hearts are made sad for weeks, months and even years.

But we have to go on living and smile through our tears.

 We are just thankful for God and for friends who listen and care.

(Mother wrote this after the death of her 34-year-old son.)


I have been sitting here watching the waves dash one after the other on the beach,

Thinking how much it would mean to me to have you within my reach.

To walk barefoot hand in hand

On the cool comforting sand.

Not speaking one word, just knowing the other one was there,

Enjoying God’s handiwork and the birds sailing through the air.

But it is comforting to know

I can feel your presence wherever I go.

I will never feel alone after the prayer we had together,

And God came in the room, dispelled the gloom, nothing else mattered.

From that moment on

All the pain was gone.

Your body relaxed; you were at rest.

We felt that we had done our best.

I just cannot express

How the love of God has kept me from distress.

The strong faith you had in God of the prepared mansion for you

Has given me the strength I needed to not feel blue.

You displayed strength we never knew you had.

So we hope you know and understand

All the children are proud to call you, “Dad.”

I am sure it won’t be long

Until I will be with you where I belong.

We love you and always will until

Our body is placed by you on the hill.

So be at rest, my dear one,

Until I join you and our precious son.

 Your loving wife,Lillie M. Adams

 (“I wrote this after Kelsey’s death while I and my sister-in-law [Daddy's sister, Valma] were visiting her son in South Carolina.  The last two lines were added after the death of my son, Kelsey Ray Adams, who died just six weeks after his dad.”)


Have you heard what some politicians told the ladies?

“Your body is yours, don’t worry about the babies.”

They want women to have the right

To destroy an innocent life.

What if their mothers had killed their sons?

There would be no politicians for offices to run.

These women who destroy their babies

Are murderers and not “ladies.”

So think about it, folks

These words are serious—not jokes.

“I was praying one night and asked God to help me do something to save the innocent precious babies and God gave me this poem.

I do praise Him for it.  I hope and pray that the people who think God will not punish them will realize they might as well kill their mother, father, husband or older child.  It is sad how people can be blinded to commit murder of their own flesh and blood.

(“Written by Lillie M. Adams, ‘Senior Citizen” at eighty-one years “young,’ because God has kept me young all these years.  My mother gave birth to twelve babies, and I was the last one to be born.  I love life and appreciate it.”)

Note:  Mother lived six more years after she wrote this and truly did love life.  Her positive attitude touched many lives with love and encouragement.


(Dedicated to my daughter, Lorinda, and her husband, Jerry Grubbs)

 The many years you have been together

Haven’t been as smooth as pancake batter.

But the few problems you have had,

With God’s help, have been good, not bad.

When you pray together as a pair,

It is so sweet to know God is there.

Joined together in God’s love

You lift up your heads and look above.

You know there is unity when peace comes in.

You look at each other with a grin.

Knowing you were meant to be together,

As you look at each other, nothing else matters.

Then love takes over and hand in hand,

Determined to make it to the Promise Land.

The jewels God gave you are following you.

Your love for each one will carry you all through.

When all work on earth is done

And a life-crown has been won,

It will be wonderful to hear him say,

“Well done, my children, you paved the way.”

 “Love, Mother.”


(Dedicated to the Grandchildren)

 Dear brother and sister, I plea:

When you are young it is hard to see,

But if you would open your eyes

You would get a great surprise.

When you fume and fuss, you miss life’s bus.

Where the pleasure is,

Because we are in such a fizz.

Then soon, too soon, life is over

And we grope and grope for cover;

But we find there is none.

Because all we wanted was fun.

Then we blame everyone

Because things went wrong.

Our parents have striven and worked long hours

When really the blame is ours.

We should live each day like it is the last.

When they are gone, we won’t worry about the past.

Whether it is your sister, cousin or brother,

Jesus says, “Love each other.”

Please start putting the other first and yourself last,

Then when you are old, you won’t regret the past.

You have a wonderful mother and father

Whose heart breaks when you yell at each other.

Patience is something we all need,

Since it takes away all the greed.

When we leave God out of our lives

There is emptiness though we’re busy like bees in hives;

But it is the wrong kind of filling.

It doesn’t last and isn’t worth one shilling.

So let’s fill it from above

With God’s compassionate love.

Then life will have meaning and be worthwhile.

We can face everybody and ourselves with a smile.

Your parents love you very much you know.

That is why they want to watch where you go.

A wonderful girl, a wonderful boy.

That is why they want you to have a life filled with joy.

Take time to slow down and talk things over,

Then you can lie down and sleep when the day is over.



 Did you ever get on your knees to pray about something that has hurt you?  Well, you start praying and all you can think about is how you have been treated, and you start condemning that person in your mind and you just can’t pray.

But if you conquer that spirit and really pray to God instead of complaining to Him about how you’ve been treated, a really sweet spirit comes in; and you can feel peace of mind.  It isn’t nearly as bad as you thought it was.

Did you ever notice when we get our little feelings hurt in the church or at someone, we try to think of someone to go to so we can complain to them.  Our mind goes to someone we know who has the same problem.  We go to them and they agree with us.  We feel we are OK.  “I must be right; they have the same feelings about this person.”  But what we need to do is find someone who knows how to pray for us and tell us how wrong we are and how Jesus said from the cross, “Father, forgive them.  They know not what they do.”  The devil used someone we really look up to in his scheme to hurt us, because someone you love hurts worse than someone who isn’t close to you.

What about the man whose lord forgave him his debt, and he didn’t forgive the man who owed him.  His lord put the whole debt back on him and cast him into prison with all the load of debt, and he had to carry that load by himself and suffer physically too.

There is not anything in this world worth loosing our souls, and God is a loving God; but he is also a wrathful God.  He made a plan for man to be saved, and He will not change that plan.

The thing that keeps us from making things right with the person or the church is nothing but pride, and the only place pride or stubbornness can take us in into hell.

Forgiveness is one of the most precious things we have; it has love.  Stubbornness is of the devil.  Don’t say you are not being stubborn when you stay home from church because of someone or something said.  We are hurt.  That is a very frivolous excuse.  We are mad when we do not make things right and get ourselves in tune with God.


Linda with her mom, Wilma, and dad, Ewen Crase

(Wilma was Daddy's sister)

(Written to Linda Crase, Lillie’s niece.  Linda was legally blind, but certainly not visually impaired spiritually.  A lovely young lady, now deceased.)


You are a wonderful example

Of God’s patience and love

By sharing with others

The good things from above;

For the songs you so sweetly sing

Bring peace to each heart

And makes joy bells ring.

So you see, God knew your voice would raise

And in sweet melodies give Him Praise.

He didn’t promise you life

Would be a bed of roses,

But He knew He could trust you

To scatter among others a world of poses.

Even in the hospital, when people think of you

They think of sunshine, skies of blue.

I conclude by saying:  Even in seclusion

Your light shines through.

 (Linda sang at the funeral of Lillie’s husband, Kelsey G. Adams.)


 (I don’t know if this is Mother’s original thoughts or something she liked and copied. 

If it were not an original, she must have identified with it.)

God, be in my head

And in my understanding.

God, be in my eyes

And in my looking.

God, be in my mouth

And in my speaking.

God, be in my heart

And in my thinking.

God, be in my end

And at my departinger



Lillie Mae Doll

Mother's granddaughter, Karen Jacobs (Lorinda's daughter), created a doll she named "Lillie Mae."  This is her advertisement in a craft magazine for the doll.  She created a smaller one she named "Alice Mae."

She is a very talented young lady!  Thanks, Karen!

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