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Kelsey Ray, Violetta, Lorinda, Alice Mae

In front of our store next to grocery store in East Jenkins



Daddy and Delores

Our Shoe Shop in East Jenkins

Our young Family (click picture to enlarge)

In front of our store in East Jenkins

(Back) Delores, Mother, Violetta, Daddy, Kelsey

(Front) Neighbor Kitty Lou, Alice, Lorinda



Celebrating another birthday




Celebrating Mother's 80th birthday and the East Jenkins Church of God's 50th birthday

Time for a Special Celebration



In April, 1941, the Church of God was established in East Jenkins, Kentucky by Rev. J. L. Guthrie (See "Our Church page").  Fifty years later, the church celebrated its 50th birthday which happened to also be Mother's 80th birthday year.  She was a charter member of the church, so there was a joint celebration commemorating the church's 50th birthday and Mother's 80th birthday.  (See cake above)




"Toot-toot" went the clarinet at Cavalier ballgames

and concerts at Jenkins High School




Sure could use those curls now!



December Cousins

 Arrival of Joyce Ann Wright & Ruby Delores Adams



Delores & Joyce Ann

At Papaw & Mamaw Adams' farm

(Maybe I'm frowning because my diaper is showing?)



Mother, Daddy & Robert

"Over on Cowan"



Mother, Robert and Ona Blaine



Alice relaxing at Lorinda's




On Lafayette Street in Detroit



In Detroit

(click on picture to enlarge)



Campbell Street, Detroit

Back:  Kelsey Ray, Lorinda

Front:  Aunt Becky, Alice Mae and friend Sonny



Aunt Margaret's Oldest Daughter


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Steven at his high school graduation with Paul Ray



Mother and her Cavalier

When she decided to visit me, Mother drove from Lexington to Jenkins by herself long past her eightieth birthday.  She was the official driver in Lexington when her "younger" friends needed to go the store, doctor or to church--even long out-of-town trips.  She was an excellent driver.



LLinda, Aunt Wilma (Dad's sister) and Uncle Ewen Crase; Delores; Mother and Daddy; Uncle Fonda (Dad's brother) and Aunt Dot



A "get-together" at Uncle Ewen & Aunt Wilma's in Jenkins

Uncle Forest facing, Robert (middle), Daddy and others

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 More of the Adams Family

Aunt Wilma Crase, Cousins: Joyce Ann (Wright) Davis [Florida], Gwenda (Wright) Castle [Kentucky], April (Lucas) Bolton [Ohio] and Tom Crase [Texas] in back.

Gwenda, Joyce Ann and their half-sisters

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Uncle Nat & Aunt Valma's "baby"

Forgive me Jim!  I found this one and couldn't resist adding it.

Jim Craft

Cute little fellow, wasn't he?

And he has grown up!  Here he is with his two brothers

Lester, Jim and Bill



Kids in Detroit

Kelsey Ray, Lorinda, friend Joe Medley, Alice Mae



Cute Adams Sisters

Violetta & Lorinda



Bareback bravery

Jennifer and Prince Albert

(Violetta's youngest daughter)



Not brave enough to ride bareback

Delores and Prince Albert





Snowflakes floating

By Candy Castle

Down through the darkness
Sticking to everything
Drifting, blowing, piling high

Millions of snowflakes
Each an original
Joining together
Achieving one common goal

Children awakening
Growing, discovering
Depending on love
Tossed, molded by society

Millions of children
Each an original
Joining together
Leading our world.

                                            A New Dawn

This poem was written by Candy Castle.  Candy is the daughter of our cousin, Gwenda (Wright) and Fred Castle of Berea, Kentucky.  Candy is now married to James Barry Whitworth.  They have three children, James Alexander (11), Caeleigh Rebecca (7), and Andrew Hunter (4) at 10/3/04. 
Candy wrote this poem for her English class when she was a Senior  in high
School, in 1985.  They compiled a book with all the class' favorite poems or
short stories.  She also wrote a book about a "Trip to the Beach".



Gwenda's Son-in-law & Candy's Husband, James Barry Whitworth

He has made
Barry took part in a "911 Memorial"

He has a CD of singing Celtic type music (so Gwenda told me)

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Miscellaneous Photos


At Alice's Funeral

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Family and Friends

Nagatha Venters' Birthday Party

Nagatha is behind the cake.  Lorinda is on the right of Nagatha, Violetta is peeking over her shoulder on the left.   Nagatha's grandfather, Elbert Bryant, is standing in the back.

These are some of the names that Nagatha remembered:  Her family--Peggy, Roger, Jeanette, Thurman, Lee Boy, Betty Sue, Lovada and her friends:  Carol Kelly, Judy Kelly, Lorinda Adams, Violetta Adams.  Lorinda friend remember that she and her brother were in the picture:  Honie Lee and Bob Smalley. 

If anyone wants to identify others, please contact me.

Nagatha's mother, Myrtle Lee Venters, has been a family friend and my special friend since I was about five years old.  She was pregnant with Nagatha when I became acquainted with her and the friendship has been special all these years.  The picture below is one that Nagatha took while they were on vacation in Tennessee.  She said Myrtle Lee had fallen and her legs were in back shape, so she had suggested that maybe she should not kneel when she did her nightly prayer as she always did.  When she went into her room later, the picture below is what she found.

Click on picture to enlarge.

A true "prayer warrior" for her many family members and friends!

Lorinda, Jerry and I visited Myrtle Lee in August 2009.  Jerry took this picture

Click on picture to enlarge

Cousins at Jerry & Lorinda's 50th Wedding Anniversary

LaDonna, Lorinda, Delores

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More Pictures will be added as we accumulate them.  We encourage anyone who has family photos to send them to be included here or specify the page you want them on.












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