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Our Family web site would not be complete without including our church which played such a large role in our lives.  In 1941, Rev. J L Guthrie came to East Jenkins from Harlan County and held a revival which resulted in the establishment of the East Jenkins Church of God.  The church began in a building that had once housed a store and was next door to our family's business.  The church and our business were at street level and we lived in an apartment on the ground floor with the Guthrie family just across a footpath. 

Mother was a charter member when the church was officially established in April 1941 and Daddy followed her a short time later.  Our family became life-time friends of the Guthrie family. 

Over the years, Mother and Daddy served in various positions and were always active in some way.  It was a family affair; we all attended every service unless we were ill or out of town.  The tradition continued when the family moved to Detroit in the early fifties. 

Rev. Guthrie was a carpenter, so the church bought two "company" houses from the coal company that built Jenkins, dismantled them and used the material to build the church at its current location.  It has been remodeled several times since then but the original basic structure is still there.

The Original Structure

Sunday School in the late forties.  Pastor and Mrs. Justice from Pikeville are on the right, back row end.  He was a principal in the Pike County Schools.  Violetta is on the right end front row.  Daddy's head is seen above the others in front of the left window.  Mother's head is in line with the left facing-board of the right window.  Many memories!



Some of the Sunday school classes of past years

Some of the adult Sunday school class, probably in the late 50's

Osha Gilliam with her Sunday school class



Not "ancient history" but quite a number a years ago

I am in the middle row on left



Some of our youth group in front of the church

(This picture has had a hard time surviving!)

Edith Bryant, Betty Finley, Delores

Hobart Tucker in back (now deceased)


After a social sponsored by Mother at our house

Evangelist Bro. Harvey surrounded by admiring girls

Mary Lou Muncey, Margaret Mullins, Delores, Bro. Harvey, Frankie Elliott, Beatrice Tucker, Thelma Jean Gilliam, Marie ("Honeybee") Gilliam




Mrs. Hershel Green and her Sunday school class.  (Delores is standing fourth from right)



Sugar drive for Children's Home

Rev. O. L. and Mary Rose and son, Charles

Rev. and Mrs. Rose pastored the church for about 21 years.


The rest of the sugar collecting group



Puppets tell the Christmas Story

Puppeteers made the puppets.




Youth Class and Juniors

The puppet program was invited to "perform" at the Jenkins United Methodist Church also.



  The 50th anniversary year of the church coincided with Mother's 80th birthday and the church had a week long celebration.  Many former pastors were invited to speak; and on  Sunday, the last day,  Esther Guthrie, wife of J. L. the founding pastor, their son, Rev. Billy and wife, Janet, Guthrie and family were the special guests.  Rev. Billy was the speaker and his family provided special music on various instruments.  They pastor in Holly Hill, Florida. 

Pastor Larry Smith presents Esther Guthrie (now deceased) with an appreciation plaque as Dicie Smith (right) watches and Rev. Billy, Janet and family look on.  (Rev. J. L. Guthrie is deceased.) 



From Community Press




The East Jenkins Church was renamed New Life Church of God in October 2003, but it is still in the original location where Rev. J. L. Guthrie built it.  Rev. David and Debbie Licklitter are current pastors.  They have one son, Josh.  Rev. Licklitter's parents, R. D. and Sue, are faithful members and are very helpful in all areas of the church's activities and programs.  The congregation feels blessed to have this family as leaders.

The current look

New Life Church of God

The ribbons on the front of the church were part of the 50th anniversary celebration held in the fall of 1991.




Special Announcement

November, 2008

Our home church was closed this month.  We didn't want to take the web site down, so we have parked it here with our family since it was so much a part of our lives in growing up, and our parents were members from its inception.  You can visit that site and see all the wonderful things that took place during its nearly sixty-seven-years tenure.

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