Mother chose Violetta's name for one of her neighbor friends because she thought it was unusual and she liked it. 

Vi has lived from Southeastern Kentucky to California.  She lived in Michigan for several years after her marriage and the birth of four of her girls.  After her marriage failed she moved to a town near San Francisco where she met and married Jennifer's dad.  Jennifer was her last born, but then she adopted Alice's youngest son, Steven, making him her sixth child.  Of course Steven was a new experience after having five girls. 

Here are four of them, Mom's pride and joy

Sherry, Tina, Terry, Connie

And then another little pride and joy came along after they moved to California





And here's Violetta smiling at Nagatha Venters' birthday party






Vi's oldest daughter, Sherry, lives in Kentucky.  She has three children.  Next is Tina who also lies in Kentucky and has two children and two grandchildren.  Terry lives in California and has two children.  Her son is in the armed services.   Connie lives in Kentucky with her husband Rev. Terry Bartley.  She has three children.   Steven is in the National Guard.   Vi has one great-grandchild.   She married very young and got an early start on grandchildren.

(I may not have counted all the "little ones" correctly.  I'll be glad to make a correction if someone will let me know.)

Updates will be posted on "News" Page (new babies, etc.).

Jennifer, Connie, Terry, Mother, Violetta, Tina and some of their offspring




Violetta and Steven (high school graduation)

Violetta's first grandchild

Elizabeth, Tina's daughter

Elizabeth also gave Violetta her first great-children (I think!)


Violetta stepping high, Elementary School Days

Lorinda's friend, Honie Lee, sent us this picture.

Click on picture to enlarge

The Cowgirl

Violetta's culinary arts are unexcelled.  Give her a spoon and a few ingredients and she can turn ordinary fare into the exotic.   She has followed that line of work for most of her adult life and seems to love doing it.  The diners love it too!

"In the army now!"

The pictures isn't clear, but if you look closely, you can see that Vi is

wearing Buford Gilliam's army hat.  Buford worked in our store. 

This was on Sunday.  She is part of the group picture of the Sunday

School at our church page.


See more of Violetta's family on her "Next Generation" page.







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