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I recently retired from my job as bookkeeper at an  optometrist office in Kentucky after 20+ years at the same office.  Before that I worked for Jenkins Independent School; first in the JHS principal's office then spent 11 years as secretary to the superintendent and board treasurer.  I had a great team to work with during those years.

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Until moving to Michigan in November, 2005 I still attended the same "family church," E  Jenkins Church of God, where my mother became a charter member in 1941 and Daddy followed her shortly afterward.  I can't remember a time when I was not keenly aware of God and wanted to go to church and Sunday school.  Before my mother and dad started going to church, I attended the nearby FreeWill Baptist Sunday school.

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This is one of my SS cards; amazing that it survived that long!

Until November 2005 I also still lived where I was born and reared.  I had moved away a couple of times, but gravitated back home.  The hills called me back irresistibly, but I guess this Michigan move is permanent.  But I still have "blue blood"!

I now attend Faith Tabernacle where my brother-in-law is pastor.

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Every morning, Mother stood me in a chair and put the finger curls in my hair.  At least for more than the first six years of my life, until Violetta came along and Mother had to divide her time between us.  We had household help at times and sometimes it became their job to twirl the curls before I left for school.  (I'd like to have that kind of service now!)

Ah! for those carefree days again!



Before you know it, it's 8th Grade graduation time.

I think I have the names right. 

Back from left:  Bobby Hamby, Jackie Belcher, Bill Griffin, Sophia Haley, Eloise Kiser, ? Byrd, Grover Taylor (Principal), Charles Anderson, Vivian Williams, Mae Tucker, Tom Baker, Danola Greer, Barbara Whitaker

Front Row:  Ronnie Swindall, JoAnn Farley, Rheta Gay Parks, Williams Blevins, Jo Mullins, Patsy Bates, Paul Hendrix, Delores, Belle Potter, Arnold Williams

Some youthful pictures.

I don't remember this occasion, but I think I was in bout the 8th grade.


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And get a load of this hair!  A product of my sister-in-law, Ona, who was brave enough to tackle the hip length tresses.  Pity the poor folks who had to sit behind me in church!

Days of the "Beehive"

Later, more conservative!

More Pictures

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Though I have no children of my own, I was able to help with the "care and feeding" of three step-children.  They are grown now and have children of their own.  Some pictures are available on my "Next Generations" page.



Following the snow plow over Continental  Divide at Rabbit Ears Pass, CO

Delores measuring snow wall in Colorado



B.J. (Butkins, Jr.)


Baby B.J.

He adopted me from the time he was six weeks old.  As a baby, he sat outside my bedroom door and cried if he couldn't get in.

My little buddy for 15 years.  I miss him very much!

(His "father" was a "doctor" from Tennessee)




Wal-Mart's toys can't compare to the fun of having catnip tucked in the toe of old pantyhose!

Rusty's half sister

"How could that bird be so fast!?  Oh well, I'll just be a flower."



Some of my dolls

Some are Jenkins High and UK cheerleaders.



The early years

Delores and T.C. Whitaker

Married 21 years.  T.C. died 2/1/73



Pat & T.C. ~~  T.C. & Farley



Helen (Whitaker) Mullins, T.C. & Lura (Wynn) Phelps

Below:  Helen & Clyde Mullins' Daughter, Clydette, and family

(Left to right) Frazier & Clydette Huddleson, their daughter and new bride, Elizabeth and her new husband, Tim Feldbruegge.  Frazier & Clydette's son, Michael, is on the right.  Tim is from Wisconsin but he & Elizabeth live in Chicago where they both work.  Frazier, Clydette and Tim live in Ohio.  A sad note:  Clydette lost her battle with cancer in 2008.  She was a very special person to a lot of folks.



"Long ago"

Grandmother Farinda Robbins, T.C. and Mother



Unnecessary Information

I began writing silly poetry in elementary school.  This eventually led to other forms of writing.  I had a small portfolio that I shared with special friends and family members.  A few years ago my sister, Lorinda, encouraged me to begin a web site.  It seemed so far fetched for me that I didn't even consider it at first, but a lady I worked with had published some poetry at Geocities and told me how to get started.  My first efforts at design were quite "pitiful," but I kept learning a little more until eventually I was able to actually create a page on my own.  This effort for my family was one of my first ones.  With some help from my knowledgeable friends and a lot of prayer, I now have two inspirational web sites and have published probably hundreds of pages.   Links to the two inspirational sites are below.  I also do a web site for the church that I attend here in Michigan, Faith Tabernacle.

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