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Though I have no children of my own, I was able to help with the "care and feeding" of three step-children.  They are grown now and have children of their own.




"My" kids consist of --


Fred Roark, Jr. lives in Oklahoma where he moved a few years ago to attend Rema Bible College.  After finishing there, he continued his education in the community college and now is at the university.  He has three children--Derick, Brandon and Kindal.


Results of loving care!

Fred and his African Violet

He took very special care of his flower.  We counted over twenty blossoms on it at one time.

Mine, not that well-cared-for, is on the right!  It's easy to see the difference!

Strawberry Upside down cheese cake

Fred's choice for a birthday cake



Fred and Sue (after Sue's auto accident)

Poodles, Sugar and Rambo, at their feet



Sue Ellen and Family

Sue Ellen, Doug, Dekitta and Joseph

Sue Ellen lives in Kentucky with her husband, Doug Williams, and two children--Joseph and Dekitta.

Sue became an LPN this summer (2007) and is pursuing her studies to be a licensed RN.  She is now working for a doctor in Kentucky.


A happy High School graduate!

Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen graduated from Eastern State University.  She is currently enrolled in nursing training in Kentucky. 

Not many years ago

Sue Ellen



Giddy-up Go!

Joseph Williams chasing Indians


Now a-days he's chasing footballs



Joseph & Dekitta Williams



School Friends

Joseph and Kaycee Jones



Excerpt from National Honor Roll Letter

"Congratulations!  Your grandchild, Joseph, has been selected for induction into the 2004/2005 National Honor Roll for outstanding academic achievement - and has asked us to let you know.  The 2004/2005 National Honor Roll will include Joseph's name and biography as one of American's leading high school students.  Being published is an honor your grandchild will share with a very small percentage of U.S. high school students."




Dekitta has the Candid Camera

A pretty little flower in front is growing

and here showing off birthday gifts

Dekitta Williams

Sitting Pretty




Karen Michelle

High School Graduation

A little later

Karen Michelle



A New Mom

Karen with baby Kasey

New Mom becomes a New Aunt

Kasey, Karen and Joseph



Karen Michelle Roark lives  a few miles from Sue Ellen.  She has two girls--Kasey and Brenda Miller.  Karen is an accountant.



Young Cousins

Kasey Miller & Joseph Williams

More Cousins

Baby Dekitta, Joseph & Brenda Sue

Dekitta (front) Williams , Brenda Miller and Joseph (middle) Williams , Kasey Miller (back)



Driver's Permit age!


Kasey is married and is now a new mother.  See "Younger Generation" for pictures.


Fred's "KenOkie Kids"


Happy Brothers

Derick and Brandon

And then sis came along

Brandon, Derick, Kindal Roark



Fred's "Skateboarder" Kid

Derick Austin Roark

Derick will be graduating in May 2007 from Broken Arrow High School



"The Fence Climber"

(He knows what that means.)

Brandon Chase Roark Celebrating his 13th birthday with friend Chase looking on



Lovely Young Lady

Getting Grown up!

Lauren Kindal Roark and Ginger



The gang's all here!

Brandon & Candy Roark, Sue Ellen Williams, Kindal  Roark, Joseph Williams & Derkick Roark holding his cousin Dekitta



Visiting "Mamaw Delores"

Kindal Roark holding Dekitta Williams, Candy Roark, Brandon Roark, Joseph Williams, Derick Roark, Sue Ellen Williams



Getting together at Sue Ellen's

Karen, Joseph Williams, Kasey Miller & Delores



At Sue Ellen's

Kasey Miller, Delores, Joseph Williams



Long ago, Visiting Mexico

(Tropic of Cancer)

Delores, Karen, Fred and Sue Ellen



Looking Back a Few Years

Sue Ellen, Karen Michelle, Fred, Jennifer (my niece) who lived with us for a while



Karen's "office" cat

"There must be an easier way to get to that mouse!"

"If I sit here long enough, I'll get a byte."

Never give up!



Never too old to watch for Santa!

Sue Ellen and Karen Michelle



Delores & the "kids"

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