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Robert and Ona Blaine's Family

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Robert's grandson's wedding

Michael & Heather Adams & Mike's Troop in Iraq Mike and

Mike & Heather's First-born,, Emma Nicole

See  "Family News"  or statistics for Emma

Lorinda noticed how sweet it was that Emma seemed to have reached out her hand to hold her dad's (in the bottom picture with Heather).  Bonding?

 The local newspaper, News-Press, featured "Local Soldier Comes Home From Iraq to Meet His Newborn Daughter"  on the front page.  Mike's picture appears with a huge smile holding Emma.  The article indicated that Mike, Heather and Emma would be spending a few days with his mom and dad, brother and sister before returning to Iraq.  He is currently serving with the 1-502 Brigade, B Company.  The Company works with Iraqi military and law enforcement.  Pray for Mike's safety and that of his company while serving our country.  He was wounded  shortly after arriving in Iraq and I understand he was shot just before leaving for Emma's birth.  Fortunately, his armor protected him.  And we won't forget to mention that many prayers have been sent to God for his protection!

August, 2009.  Update for Mike and family.  (Copied from Community News Press)

"Michael, Heather and Emma Adams are now in Germany where they are stationed in the Army.  Michael will deploy to Afghanistan in February for seven months and Heather and baby Emma will stay in Germany."

Emma is looking for a new sibling come mid-April 2010.

Recent pictures


Robert and Ona Blaine's Grandchildren, Twins Robert & Stamper

Children of "Hoot" & Linda Collins

September 2010

Robert's grandson, Michael, (Phil & Kathy's son) received the Medal of Honor "V".   Below is a copy of their unit's Newsletter featuring the event, also pictures of the Medal and Michael receiving it.

 The Bronze Star Medal with "V" device to Sergeant Michael A. Adams, Task Force Dragoons.  Citation reads as follows: 

On the morning of 09 JULY 2010, 2d Platoon of Hawk Company left COP Rath to conduct a joint culvert clearance patrol with their partner Afghan Army Platoon. At the invitation of the Afghan platoons leadership, 1LT Lawrence, the Platoon Leader, SPC Donahue, the RTO, SSG Fordyce and SGT Adams, 2d Squad Leader, entered the platoonís compound while the Afghan Soldiers continued to prepare to go on the mission. 1LT Lawrence, SSG Fordyce, SSG Solon, SGT Adams, SPC Donahue, and their two interpreters were gathered at a table outside the main building in the compound when an armed insurgent that had infiltrated the Afghan Platoon fired three to four rounds striking close to their position. A second burst of fire then struck the wall behind the table sending the platoonís leadership diving for cover. The enemy combatant continued to fire bursts at the gathered Soldiers from fifteen to twenty feet away. Noticing that SGT Adams was the only US Soldier who had his weapon at the ready, the enemy combatant deliberately targeted and fired a burst at him. SGT Adams quickly assessed the situation, identified the threat, and the immediate danger it posed to the Platoon. He gathered his bearing, aimed and fired four rounds knocking the enemy combatant to the ground. The enemy, still in control of his weapon, attempted to recover and reengage the US Soldiers. SGT Adams fired four more rounds incapacitating the enemy combatant.

SGT Adams, by remaining composed under fire, saved the lives of both the US and Afghan Soldiers in the compound. He showed valor and courage in his rapid response to a very complex situation. Had it not been for his precise application of lethal effects, the situation could have been much worse.

We also held an awards ceremony on 29 September where the Regimental Commander, Colonel James R. Blackburn and Command Sergeant Major Mark A. Morris presented the Regimentís first Bronze Star for Valor awarded during this rotation. Sergeant Michael A. Adams of Hawk Company received the award for actions conducted on 9 July as his platoon was conducting coordination for a partnered Afghan National Army (ANA) patrol when an insurgent that had infiltrated the Afghan Army engaged the platoonís leadership at close range. SGT Adams responded quickly and decisively engaging the insurgent before he could hurt members of his platoon or other Afghan Army Soldiers.

See Robert's other pages for more pictures

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 Ruby Delores' Family

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After the death of Sue's husband, Doug Williams, she married Robert Cobb and moved to Tennessee.  Pictures of their family below are dated after their marriage.

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Freddy & Diane's Blended Family

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Freddy's family is saddened by the death of his son, Derick.  His obituary is on the

Family News Page

Click here for Derick's Memorial Page at "There's Good News Website"

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 Violetta's Family

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Violetta recently made available pictures from an album.  They are below in random order.

Violetta's granddaughter, Jessica married Matt Slone July 2010.  Jessica is the daughter of Connie.

See Violetta's other pages for more pictures of her family. 

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 Lorinda and Jerry's Family

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Karen (Grubbs) Jacobs at Henry Ford Museum


First Great-grandchildren, Ken & Karen's Grandchildren

They are the children of their oldest son, Kenny.

Karen's Family

2009 Grad

Ashley, granddaughter of Jerry and Lorinda

Ashley is the youngest daughter of Jerry Lee and Billie Grubbs


Jerry Lee and Billie's daughter, Crystle married Mitch Uyeda September 5, 2010.

The wedding was in Troy, MI where Crystle and Mitch made their home.

(waiting for pictures)

New Family Member for David

A new great-grandson for Jerry and Lorinda has arrived.

David is the new granddad ("pops")

Grant Ashton Laswell arrived December 3, 2010 at 6 pounds, 6 3/4 ounces.

Alanna and Paul are the parents.


The Twins

Kelsey Ray and Alice's Family

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Zachary and Kelsey Lee are Kelsey Ray's Grandsons.

Sons of Lisa (Kelsey's daughter) & Alan Bender

On Vacation in England & Maine

Vactioning with grandmother Janet at Deep Creek Lake

Alice Mae's Sons

Violetta adopted Steven


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Extended Family

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This is five-year-old Victoria Brooke Castle marching in the 2006 Berea Community High School Homecoming parade.  Brooke is the granddaughter of Fred & Gwenda (Wright) Castle and daughter of Sammy & Vicky Castle.  She is in white shorts & red top.  (Her uniform had not come in yet.  Stephanie is the daughter of Patty Sue Wright.  Patty is Gwenda's sister/  Their mother, Elma, was my dad' sister.  Elma was married to Jessee Wright.

Lee Phillip & Stephanie Heacock's Family

Stephanie is the daughter of Patty Sue Wright.  Patty  (Wright) Playforth is Gwenda's sister.  Their mother, Elma, was my dad' s sister.  Elma was married to Jessee Wright.




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