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Violetta's New Family Addition


December 2008

Violetta's New Family Addition

Violetta welcomes a new great-grandaughter.  Terry's granddaughter has been added to the family, Zoriah Alina Caballero.  Zoriah Alina's parents are Aletta and Pedro Caballero.  (Click on picture to enlarge)

I just learned about the death of a cousin, Ivy Robbins Potter.  I sent a Christmas card to her and her husband, and her daughter, Pam, wrote back and told me of Ivy's passing.  She didn't have my address or phone number since I moved to Michigan.  My condolences to Ivy's family.  Her obituary is below.

Iva Irene Potter

Date of Birth--August 15, 1922

Date of Death--January 19, 2008

Service:  11 AM January 22, 2008 at Marshall Branch Worship Center

Presiding:  Allen Culbertson & Hubert Potter

Interment:  Annie E Young Cemetery


Arlie Potter, Husband; Arnold Ray Potter, son; Ralph Lee Potter, Son; Arlie potter Jr, son; Charlcie Beyersdoerfer, daughter; Pam Belcher, daughter; Charles Thomas Robbins, brother; Dollie Jenkins, sister; Gloria Marie Robbins, sister; Seventeen grandchildren; Twenty-three great-grandchildren; Ten great-great grandchildren

October 2008

Being a two-time breast cancer survivor makes the following story of Clydette more poignant for me.


 Breast Cancer survivor

by ~Clydette Huddleston~

Life is ever changing. Many times we welcome these changes and many times we do not. On May 15th, 2001, my life began changing dramatically and leading me down a path that I had not chosen.

“The biopsy of your breast shows you have breast cancer,” the doctor said as I lay in a post-anesthesia stupor. My mind was flooded with thousands of thoughts:

“Not me; it couldn’t be me. Surely there is a mistake. I don’t want to have breast cancer. Is there any chance that there has been a mistake? Lord, please let it be a mistake!”

The next several months were filled with a multitude of doctor’s appointments, consultations with various medical professionals, multiple surgeries, complications, chemotherapy, and finally the diagnosis became a reality to me. The path to recovery had many twists and turns including a recurrence eighteen months after my initial surgery.

I read once that the only thing worse than being told you have cancer is being told you have cancer for a second time.

Another course of surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy ended in April of 2004. I have often said that cancer was not a path I would have chosen, but would not have missed the many blessings that came with the journey. Along the way, God has shared many blessings with me to include a renewed relationship with Him as well as with my husband and children. He has blessed me with renewed friendships and brand new friendships.

I have been surrounded by unimaginable love.
Throughout my treatment, there have been “top-of-the-mountain” times and there have been “lowest-of-the-valley times.” One of the gifts that that I have been given the opportunity to begin a new vocation. I now counsel women and men who are beginning the journey through cancer diagnosis and treatment. Burlington Pharmacy Healthcare and St. Luke hospital have provided me the opportunity to manage a store that specializes in providing products that will help patients through difficult times. I will continue to find ways in which I can help others battle this horrible disease called Cancer.

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness”
~The Dali Lama

.....Clydette Huddleson

Clydette died October 20, 2008

Clydette Huddleston

Clydette was the niece of my deceased husband, T. C. Whitaker.  She was the daughter of Helen (Whitaker) and Clyde Mullins.

There are pictures of Helen and T. C, also of Clydette and her family at Elizabeth and Tim's wedding on my page near the bottom of that page.

Clydette’s story was shared by her sister, Lura VanTime. Clydette and I emailed back and forth until she became too ill. She was always very positive and upbeat, and put her trust in her Lord no matter the outlook. Clydette will be missed by her family and many friends. My heartfelt condolences to her husband, Frazier; daughter, Elizabeth (husband Tim Feldbreugge); and son, Michael. Elizabeth and Tim welcomed their new triplets just three weeks before Clydette’s death.

Lura’s comments: “She was an amazing woman and we were blessed to have shared our lives with her. She was a devoted Christian who was surrounded with an abundance of love while on this earth. Our hearts are broken and we will forever feel a void in our lives, however, the sorrow we experience is for us and we take comfort in knowing that she is now at peace now and reunited with loved ones who have gone on before.”

September 2008

I haven't received much news from family for 2008.

I will add a little of my own.  As my family and friends know, I have been hearing impaired for most of my life; and for the past ten to twelve years, even two hearing aids were not able to help me much, especially with conversation.  Periods of dizziness is common for folks with hearing impairment, as it was with me.  However, the severity of one sent me to the emergency room and an overnight stay in the hospital.  Sounds like a 'bad deal,' doesn't it?  Well, it wasn't fun, but good did come of it. 

From one doctor to another, to another sent me finally to Michigan Ear Institute in Farmington Hills, Michigan and Dr. Michael LaRouere.  I was told that I was a good candidate for a cochlear implant.  Of course, I was vaguely familiar with implants; but didn't serious consider one for myself.  After an examination and some testing, Dr. LaRouere convinced me that I really was a good candidate.

On July 7, the surgery was performed at Providence Hospital in Detroit.  Except for the lingering bad effects of anesthesia (which is 'normal' for me), the surgery went well.  I did loose residual hearing in my left ear due to the implant, but I only got noises (if loud) in that ear so not much loss.

On August 15, I was 'hooked up' (implant activated); and much to my surprise, I understood conversation immediately with only the implant (not the right hearing aid).  My sister, Lorinda, and brother-in-law, Jerry, accompanied me for the activation and I heard and understood both of them.  Admittedly, they both sounded like Donald Duck but I understood them.

"Donald Duck"  and "Mickey Mouse" voices are common at the onset of activation as the brain is working to learn to recognize the new sounds it is hearing and trying to assimilate.  I could hear Lorinda and Jerry talking in the van on the way home from where I was sitting in the back seat.  A motorcycle passed us and it sounded like a bee on steroids.  (grin) 

I returned to MEI for mappings.  The first mapping was just an open program with different volumes and the first week was quite an adventure!  Sounds that I had not heard in many, many years (some maybe never) were surrounding me.  The next map was more adventuresome with programs for different settings.  I have four programs available. 

The last mapping was August 29.  After 'tweaking' my settings and changing some, my audiologist, Sandra Porps, put me in the sound booth for a test.  I had a test before surgery with two hearing aids and scored -0-%.  Sandra told me that she expected me to score about 70% at the end of six months which would be in January 2009.  At the end of the test, she gave me the good news that I had scored 86% after only less than a month from activation!! 

Voices are beginning to sound normal and the background noises are finding their place in the background and not noticeable as my brain gets used them.  I can now hear the sermons at church which I had not done in several years.  Lorinda took notes for me as Jerry preached so I would have an idea what the subject was and highlights of the sermon.  My friend, Jean Tackett, took notes for me in Kentucky before I moved to Michigan. 

I hear the timer on my stove; can't remember how long it has been since I heard that!  I talk to Lorinda on the cell phone, and I haven't talked on the phone in probably 10-12 years.  I am getting my nerve up to call others besides Lorinda.

What an amazing, miraculous journey I am on!  And it is just beginning.  I am told by my doctor and audiologist that things only get better as time goes on.

My next mapping is in October, and I am looking forward to more improvements!!

Thank God for giving some of the earthlings wisdom in technology and the push to pursue the fields that he gave them leanings toward to make such things possible.

I will update this occasionally, if you want to come back.  As time permits, I will add implant information on the "Hearing" pages in this web site.

August 2008

I learned that Mike Adams will be coming home from Iraq in time for Thanksgiving.  I am sure it will be a wonderful homecoming and time for 'thanksgiving' by his parents, Phil and Cathy, his wife and daughter, Heather and Emma, and his sister, Allison.

  February 2008

Emma Nicole's Arrival

Robert and Ona Blaine became great-grandparents this month.  We are saddened that they both left us before they could see this beautiful child; but grandparents, Phil and Kathy Adams, are proud as punch to present us with their first grandchild, Emma Nicole, who came a little early on February 21, weighing in at 6.9 pounds and 19 inches "tall."  She and mom, Heather, were supposed to wait for dad, Mike, to get there from Iraq in time for the birth, but they decided to surprise him and just be waiting for his hugs when he arrived.

More pictures on "Younger Generation" page.

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Note:  You can see Mike and his company in Iraq on my web site.

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