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The Grubbs Group

Here you will meet our "Michigan Branch" (Jerry and Lorinda's) consisting of  Karen Denise, Jerry Lee, David Wayne and their kids.

Karen Denise (Grubbs) Jacobs

Lorinda and Jerry's first born

Jerry Lee Grubbs

The second born and first boy of Lorinda and Jerry

Enjoying mom and dad's 43rd wedding anniversary

Doesn't seem so long ago when he looked like this.

Jerry Lee

David Wayne Grubbs

The youngest son of Lorinda and Jerry

Thinking about when he was only 11 years old

David Wayne

or may when he was 3 years old?

David Wayne

Jerry Lee and Family

Jerry & Billie

Crystle, Ashley, Misty

(Memories, when the girls were "little")

Misty Grubbs


Misty, Now

Jerry Lee & Billie's oldest daughter

Crystle Grubbs

Jerry Lee & Billie's middle girl

Ashley Grubbs

Jerry Lee & Billie's youngest girl


 David and Kids

(Left to right) David Jerry (D.J.), Jarrett, David, Alanna

David Jerry (D.J.) Grubbs

David oldest son

D.J. and friends

(D.J. is second from right in white tee-shirt)

Having fun at youth camp in Ohio

(David's middle child)

The youngest of Dave's

Jarrett Grubbs

An active bundle of energy

An active bundle of energy


Still growing...


Patiently (?) Waiting for Santa

Jarrett, Alanna, D.J. Grubbs

Alanna  (on right) and friend

At Ohio Youth Camp, June 2004


Karen & Ken Jacobs

Celebrating 25 years of marriage


Ken & Karen's oldest son


Ken & Karen's middle son


Ken & Karen's youngest son

Ken & Karen were at their cabin on the grounds of the Church youth camp for work week.  Their boys and family joined them for some "down time."

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Beginning of the Third Generation

and Other Recent Pictures

Karen & Ken's first grandchild

Lorinda and Jerry's first Great-grandchild

Nathan Jacobs

His dad is Kenny


At two years of age (in January 2005), he is reciting the alphabet and counting to 20 already.  That'll keep mom, dad and grandparents on their toes!

Nathan's sister, Emily, arrived May, 2006.

New great-grandson, Grant, grandson of David, son of Alanna and other more recent pictures

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